EU regulation n.2017 / 997

We inform you that from 5 July 2018 the new criteria will be applied for the assignment of the "HP 14 Ecotoxic" hazard characteristics, criteria introduced by the EU Regulation n. 277/997 in force since 4 July 2017 by amending Annex III to the Directive 2008/98 / Ce related to the hazardous characteristics attributable to waste.
The Annex III Directive 2008/98 / EC on waste had already been the subject of a complete revision with the entry into force in 2014 of EU Regulation No. 1307/2014. Regulation 1357/2014 established the new criteria to be adopted for the attribution of the hazardous characteristics of a waste. The only hazard characteristic that had not been changed during the revision was the HP14 "Ecotoxic" hazard characteristic, as it was felt that the knowledge base for its assessment should be further improved.

In Italy, starting from August 6th 2015, Law n.125 applies, in which it is defined that the modalities for the attribution of the HP14 Ecotoxic hazard characteristic are the same adopted for the ADR for the Class 9 - M6 and M7

THEREFORE, A REFUSAL UNTIL TODAY CLASSIFIED AS NOT DANGEROUS by applying the ADR criteria (as established by the Law 125/2015) COULD be classified instead hazardous HP14 Ecotoxic according to the new criteria defined by the Regulation 997/2017.