How we work


Honesty and Integrity
• Open and sincere communication focused on business issues
• Constructive debates instead of arguments
• Do what you have committed to do

Exceeding Client Expectations
• Client service as a priority
• “Do it right or make it right”
• Clients include fellow ALS employees as internal clients

Belief in our Ability
• Respect for other opinions
• Identify and share best practices

Hard Work and Continuous Improvement
• Don’t just do things right – do the right things
• High performance operations
• Improvements in management processes, as well as technical processes

Doing it Better
• Customer service leader
• Operational performance leader
• Technical knowledge leader
• Business process leader

Celebrating Success
• Reward the exceptional performance
• Employees are our key asset

Safety as a Priority
• Our number one priority
• First agenda items of any meeting - “Safety Moment”
• Keep our employees, customers, suppliers, business associates, and neighbors safe